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a full body treatment and workout for the nervous system


Toughen my sinews, harden my bones, make my blood flow freely, I will then be young forever in touch with the realm of gods. -- Canon of the Great Void


What is SinewItive?



especially : one dressed for use as a cord or thread

2 tissue that ties muscle to bone

3a : solid resilient strength : POWER - IMMOVABLE

astonishing intellectual sinew and clarity

b : the chief supporting force : MAINSTAY —usually used in plural

providing the sinews of better living

SinewItve is a restorative treatment that works the body from inside out. Fascia, or connective tissue, surrounds our muscles and organs, and is supplied with thousands of nerve cells. SinewItve stimulates this very specific tissue by a series of coached and hand’s-on protocols, connecting the brain to movements and optimal proprioception (body awareness in gravity). Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes, and include standing, supine, prone, and sitting postures. The patient is given a specific self-training program to continue with, and this includes breathing, postures, and meditation. Because the focus is on the nervous system, patients can expect unbelievable sensations such as a feeling of lightness, tingling, warmth, and a “brain buzz.” From the most unorthodox comes great outcomes!

Where does it come from?

SinewItve was developed by kinesiologist Timothy Agnew, who has over thirty years of clinical experience. He has treated thousands of people from all over the world, including dancers of the Pittsburgh Ballet. Tim has studied the martial traditions and movement arts for three decades. SinewItve is inspired by Tim’s study of internal arts and the conscious manipulation of fascia, as well as the need to implement the Eastern philosophies and bring them to the present healthcare system.

What benefits should I expect?


  • energy
  • eyesight
  • reaction times (reflex)
  • pain reduction
  • movements and sports
  • joint function
  • tissue elasticity
  • posture
  • balance
  • pain relief
  • proprioception
  • Hyaluronic acid production
  • mood
  • sleep
  • gait
  • tendon/ligament thickening


What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, loose clothing. SinewItve in not strictly a therapeutic modality, but a hands-on coaching session you are very much involved in. Tim believes everyone should be part of their own wellness!

Are there seminars or classes?

Yes. SinewItve Two and three day retreats are available, as well as weekly classes at the clinic. Participants (both general public and professionals) will be immersed in partnered training, consisting of pushing for proprioception, proper joint function, and force dispersion exercises, all of which are designed to challenge and change the tensegrity structures of the body for better health and ultimate non-musculature power. Health care professionals will be taught specific body work protocols that utilize the concepts of SinewItve.

Location DownEast School of Massage, Waldoboro ME
Cost: $375
16 CEU