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Internal Power Class

Can you reboot your body as you get older? Yes! Change the brain, change the body.

This dynamic class focuses on developing internal power for health by training the tissues inside the body.  While most gym/movement classes focus on external appearance (how you look in the mirror), this class focuses on training the connective tissues of the body (and yes, the external body is affected as well). These tissues surround the internal organs, bones, muscles, and wrap around ligaments and tendons. These specific tissues are also loaded with nerves.

By placing soft tension across these tissues by performing various slow movements, the tissue is “conditioned” to respond by becoming more resilient, pliable, and stronger. Nerves are stimulated, too, improving neural function, reaction times, and balance. The ultimate goal of our training is to change the body internally for better health, and to develop incredible non-muscular power.

Borrowing from ancient traditions, we will be using breath, spiraling movements, and specific postures to challenge the internal tissues. You will also be introduced to the art of pushing, an ancient protocol of partnered body pushing that challenges the brain and body.

It’s like no other workout you’ve ever tried. What can you expect? Improved:

eye site

reaction time (reflexes)

stronger/thicker tendons and ligaments

immune system


balance (proprioception)

brain function

and more...

Sign up now! Classes are every Wednesday night from 6-7:30.

Location: 2345 Bee Ridge Rd. (Embody Spa) 941-362-9627


Cost: $14/class (monthly packages discounted- ask)

Free for cancer patients!

Location The Timothy Agnew Clinic: 2345 Bee Ridge Rd Ste. 5