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Developing Internal Power in The Body
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This class focuses on developing internal power for health.  This class is taught from a western perspective, using science and knowledge of human anatomy.  There are no forms, katas, techniques, or uniforms. We will cover various partnered pushing exercises, and other slow movements that focus on how to deal with forces on the body and tissues, as well as a review of shin-shin no tanren (daily self training). The ultimate goal of our training is to change the body internally for better health, and for incredible non-muscular power. This class is based on fascia (soft tissue) research, and is a proven model borrowed from the ancient arts, including yoga, martial practice, and meditation.


Benefits: Improved health, sleep, eye site, less force on joints, energy, improved reaction, coordination, balance. This list goes on.


Who should attend? Yogis, martial artists, athletes, grandparents, or anyone that wants to learn to change the body for ultimate health!



For more information, visit www.intentmultimedia.com

Location 2345 Bee Ridge Rd. Ste 5