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More than a thousand years ago, the ancient masters of multiple disciplines discovered a secret to create incredible power in the body and improve overall health. Today, recent medical studies have revealed a name for this ancient “secret.” Fascia, or connective tissue, is a web of tissue that runs in a sheet from the back of the skull to the toes, and it also wraps internal organs and muscles. Fascia plays an enormous role in both emotional and physical health, and studies show it is has a larger role than previously thought. Fascia is more innervated than muscle, can contract, and like a spring, it stores energy (it's how kangaroos and gazelles get their power). As we age, the stiff collagenous content of our fascia increases and the elastic substance starts to decline. It's one of the reasons movement is so important. Through an evidence-based series of exercises, this fascial web can be changed internally to create optimal health. In this introduction to the 2-day course, participants will learn the science behind this tissue, and learn to perform specific exercises using intent and movement to begin to change this web for incredible results.


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Location Ridge Career Center 7700 State Road 544, Winter Haven, FL 33881