Anatomy - Posture and MovementPoor posture's strain on the skeletal system is not a myth; many studies verify the effect that poor posture has on the human body. The Timothy Agnew Clinic is proud to announce instant posture and movement evaluations! We've partnered with PostureCo, and using a tablet, we can now capture and assess posture deviations, capture movement patterns, and track a patient's improvement over time. We can also e-mail reports instantly to the patient, showing full color photos of before and after treatment! With the click of the mouse, patients' can get instant exercise videos and photos of clinic-prescribed programs. Coming soon, we can measure lean body tissue ratios for those patients on a physician-prescribed diet programs. Come in for a FREE posture evaluation and we will show you what this new application can do for you! Benefits include:

  • Instant reports e-mailed to patients
  • Access to exercise videos
  • Exercise prescriptions
  • Comparison tracking of progress
  • Measure of bodyfat ratios

(Posture captures are included with each treatment)

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