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Tried everything else for pain and dysfunctions? Let us help! The Timothy Agnew Therapy clinic is a private rehabilitation clinic specializing in traditional kinesiology (the science of human movement) to treat a myriad of common issues. But we are not just about injuries. We change lives. The difference? Our clinic not only treats, but educates on a one-to-one basis for the prevention and maintenance of injuries and common posture dysfunctions. You've wasted enough time. Solve your issues now! We offer FREE followups always!

Intent Multimedia creates dynamic learning tools

Intent Multimedia creates dynamic learning tools for the health-care practitioner and general public. From higher learning texts to digital learning courses, we strive to empower every type of therapist. We also educate the general public with effective self-help media that is simple to understand.

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PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy is a reparative modality used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of bone fractures and soft tissue healing.

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The ML830 Smart Laser is a safe, double-blind studied, FDA-approved powerful treatment that can help a variety of soft tissue and nerve-related dysfunctions

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Traditional Kinesiology involves the science of human movement, not the "applied" version that often consists of nutritional supplements and other modalities

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Trigger Thumb Solved - Treatment and How to Get Rid of the Pain (2018)

If you’ve ever had trigger thumb and you’re a musician, you understand how frustrating it is. It...

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Sink the Shoulders

 09/11/2018 “To sink your shoulders means that your shoulders loosen and lower heavily with an...

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Fascia and Its Connection in Running

05/3/2017   As you may recall from my earlier blog in July of 2011, I made the switch from shod...

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What is Fascia?

What is Fascia? An Ancient and Scientific History of Connective Tissue

03/14/2017 This article is a primer about fascia, it's benefits and how ancient techniques can be...

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The Integrated Body ®: The Fascinating Science of Connective Tissue

 09/4/2015 For many years, I have been involved with the study of human fascia (connective tissue),...

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Parkinson's and the (often) missing focus of treatment

11/18/2014 When a 68-year-old female patient came to my clinic presenting with a possible...

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